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Steel Casework designed in one week, DELIVERED IN TWO WEEKS!

We provide the unique capability to design and deliver metal casegoods in two weeks!  If you have an immediate application that requires a solution, Guardian Medical Systems is the company to call.  We can produce the design, bend the metal and have a baked-on enamel finish in a color that your interior design team will love.  We manufacture in Burlington, NJ and have our own delivery trucks.

All components are provided, including:

  • Metal casework
  • Service Fixtures for Electrical, Water and Gas including:
    • Sinks, Faucets, Ball Valves, Needle Valves
    • Electrical outlets and tombstones
    • Saftey Cabinets and showers and eyewashes
    • Safety Cabinets, IV hoods and Glove Boxes/ Isolators
  • Complete code knowledge to assist with special applications
Pharmacy Unit Dose Fill
Design services are our specialty.  We can measure and provide a 3-D design in less than one week.  Pharmacy, Lab and other specialty areas have been our foundation since 1994 and we go where other casework companies fear to go because we know the clinical departments and the newest technologies used by staff.  Equipment planning is all part of our services.