Laminate casework has many options and styles to choose from, including:

  • Steel base
  • Stainless Steel base
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Self-closing drawers
  • See-thru Backpanels
  • Gravity shelves
  • Thermo-foil counter edging
  • Many hinge styles
  • Removable, roller style undercounter components

Guardian Medical has the right product for you and your environment.  Give us a call today.
  • Modular Lab Laminate Casework
  • Modular Pharmacy Laminate Casework
  • Modular Military Laminate Casework
  • Modular Educational Laminate Casework
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Walk-Ins
  • Pass-Thru's
  • Under-counter refrigerators
  • Ultra-Low Freezers

Wireless Monitoring:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Pressure Differential
  • ...and more!
Design services provided for all modular lab casework and modular pharmacy casework projects
Installation on all casework projects; union labor available
  • Bio-safety hoods of all sizes and applications
  • Glove boxes for IV and Chemo applications
  • Need Green...we got it!

Modular Laminate Casework

Warm appearance, lasting quality, right price

Modular pharmacy laminate casework provide a warm appearance for environments that are not subjected to moist situations.  Newer protective coatings on laminate can help reduce staining.  Guardian can assist combining different casework materials that are harmonious together, address both wet/dry environments and meets your budget requirements.


Modular pharmacy laminate casework and modular lab laminate casework offer an affordable option and provides a warm appearance.  There are many styles that offer an appropriate look for each setting.


  • Customers have a choice of over-counter shelving support. 
  • Wall Standards-The least expensive method of support is accomplished with simple wall standards.  This offers a low cost but appearance often suffers with this method and islands and counters perpendicular to walls may still require some type of backpanel or other structural support (see Adjustable Work Benches).
  • Steel Backpanels- Offer a sturdy and functional method of supporting over-counter shelving.
  • Combined Steel/Laminate Backpanels-Offer the most attractive appearance while still providing the sturdy support necessary for medium weight product to be loaded onto shelving.  Many hospital pharmacy director's have chosen this type of backpanel for their modular pharmacy laminate casework. The best backpanel system will offer the ability to stage shelving and cabinetry off both sides of the backpanel thus reducing the backpanel cost on a project.


These components are made up of a variety of different choices, from simple, inexpensive shelving to drawer and door components that increase the storage capacity of the total installation.  Simple under-counter shelving is not considered high density storage for the simple reason that most users rarely load the back 12" of a 24"deep shelf.  For true high density storage, drawers are most often used with a wide variety of drawer divider systems.

Once the consulting is done and your modular pharmacy laminate casework or modular lab laminate casework design complete, the real fun's time to pick from the many selections of countertops, cabinet designs, kick-plates, storage components and drawer pulls.  Your Guardian design consultant will work with you to coordinate the above and more so your finished project is exactly what you envisioned for you and your staff.

Modular Lab Metal Casework & Modular Pharmacy Metal Casework

Metal casework by Lab Design

Modular Lab Wood Casework & Modular Pharmacy Wood Casework

Modular Lab Laminate Casework/ Modular Pharmacy Laminate Casework

Modular Laminate Casework by Hamilton Sorter.  Click the link above to go to a comprehensive viewing of product and information for our laminate products