• Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Ultra-Low Freezer
  • Under-counter
  • Reach-In
  • Pass-thru
  • Walk-In

Consolidate a large number of department reach-in refrigerators and freezers into one walk-in to:

  • reduce power consumption
  • increase available sq ft

Applications includes:

  • Medications
  • Reagents
  • Contrasts
  • Blood Bank
  • Nutrition
  • Vaccines

Go with a leader that provides standard features like:

  • Triple-pane glass doors
  • Argon between glass panes
  • Low-E glass
  • Made in America
  • Parts available locally
  • Under-counter refrigerator
  • Single door refrigerator
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Triple door refrigerator
  • Pass-Thru refrigerator
  • Walk-in refrigerator

Refrigerator and freezer  options include:

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Chest models
  • Pass-Through

Options include:

  • Local alarms
  • Remote alarms
  • Charting
  • Heated glass door frames to reduce condensation

Lab Refrigerator

Lab Freezer

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Pharmacy Refrigerator

Pharmacy Freezer


Guardian Medical sells pharmacy refrigerators / lab refrigerators and freezers for every setting, every application:

  • Pharmacy Refrigerator and Pharmacy Freezer
  • Blood Bank Refrigerator and Lab Freezer
  • Lab Tissue Ultra-Low Freezers
  • Dietary Refrigerator and Dietary Freezer
  • Nursing Refrigerator and Nursing Freezer
  • Radiology Refrigerator and Radiology Freezer
Our system guarantees you the fastest temperature pull-down rates available in the market today thereby insuring temperature compliance in critical and high product loading/ exchange environments.
Why buy Migali?   Consistent product and service for over 50 years and located in the Philadelphia area makes this logical choice for reliability and service.  And because its American made, parts are readily available at local stores to ensure constant service.  When you buy a Migali, you buy reliability and long service.
We use the latest technologies to manufacture a product that delivers consistent temperatures throughout the unit.  With our Temp Trak wireless monitoring technology, we understand the need for a lab refrigerator or pharmacy refrigerator to deliver consistent temperatures...a box that won't deliver "out-of-temperature" alarms.  Buy a Migali today!

Pharmacy/ Laboratory Brochure

Single & Double Door Refrigerator/ Freezer  with medical port for wireless monitoring equipment.

Undercounter ADA Refrigerator/ Freezer with medical port for wireless monitoring equipment.