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Let us perform a lab analysis or pharmacy analysis today and then design your laboratory casework and pharmacy casework of tomorrow!

Lab Needs Analysis

Lab and Pharmacy Assessments

Pharmacy Needs Analysis

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Department Assessments/ Needs Analysis


Looking to cut your renovation costs but don’t want to give up on quality? Want to improve productivity/ traffic flow but not sure where to start?


Our free Department Assessment/ Needs Analysis might be the answer.


Here’s how it works:


One of our specialists will visit your department and, at no cost to you, conduct a complete audit of your department / technology needs. We will look at your current installation, talk to you about your future technology needs and determine the most cost effective solution for you.


Within a few days of our visit, you will receive a written report that gives the results of your Lab Needs Analysis or Pharmacy Needs Analysis. It includes specific recommendations for:

  • Casework
  • USP 797/ 800
  • Refrigeration
  • Monitoring for temperature, humidity, pressure differential and particulate counts
  • Fume hood


The cost estimates for those Lab Assessment or Pharmacy Accessment recommendations will also be provided.


There is no cost for this free pharmacy/ lab Needs Analysis. There is no obligation or sales pressure of any kind. Even if you don’t have any immediate department needs, you will find this analysis interesting and useful.


To set up your free Lab Needs Analysis or Pharmacy Needs Analysis, give one of our pharmacy or lab specialists a call at 610 505-1650 today.

Pharmacy Analysis

Lab Analysis