One important aspect of a cleanroom is how easily it can be cleaned. This can be impacted by a number of choices, such as how cleaning supplies are stored to the location of the hoods.

To accommodate necessary cleaning supplies, storage space should be easily accessible while being out of the way. Mobile cabinets are an ideal solution as they can be moved for wall and floor cleaning.  When floor space is limited, wall mounted cabinets are an effective storage solution. Stainless-steel mobile or wall cabinets with glass doors provide quick visibility of cleaning supplies. Use a wall mounted rack/holder for mops and stepladder.

Stainless steel storage carts with adjustable solid shelves provide further cleanroom storage. Solid stainless-steel shelves are nonporous, easy to clean and withstand abrasive chemicals. Outfitting the shelves with plastic bins keeps items organized.

All cleanrooms should have a gowning area, as well as a sink to wash up in upon entering and exiting the cleanroom. The area will need a bench or stool where technicians can sit to put on their booties and gowns. A shelf under the bench is a good place to store booties.  Gowning benches should be located just inside the Anteroom door and sit on the line of demarcation. PPE can be stored in either wall mounted cabinets or in stainless-steel or polymer mobile units with doors. (Polymer is a cost-effective option that has built in anti-microbial benefits.) A mirror on the wall or gowning cabinet allows personnel to check that they have put their PPE on correctly.

Located on the clean side, close to the line of demarcation should be a sink with a hands-free faucet and eyewash station.  We recommend a wall-mounted stainless-steel sink with access panel to keep the floor clear for cleaning (see our blog on choosing a cleanroom sink here).  An over sink shelf or storage cabinet is essential for storing the appropriate towels and gloves for use after washing up.

When placing hoods in a clean room, location is essential for proper cleaning.  Hoods should be placed a minimum of 12” from the back wall and 18” from side walls. This allows the staff to reach behind the hoods to properly clean walls and floors.  For information on hood location, see our blog on that subject here.

Using these design and storage suggestions will help promote best practices and reduce cleaning time to keep your cleanroom free of contaminants.