Fluidose® Series 6 Oral Liquid Unit Dose Packager

When it comes to unit dose packaging systems, Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI) has a solution to fit your needs. As one of the most trusted global manufacturers of medication packaging and labeling equipment, MPI offers a full range of unit dose oral solid and liquid medication packaging and labeling systems.

They have recently updated their oral liquid unit dose packaging system, the Fluidose®. The new Fluidose® Series 6 packaging system includes enhanced features and technology such as a larger 7” color touchscreen display, individual drug pump settings, no tools necessary to change cup sizes, and expanded menu options.

Designed for ease of use and improved workflow, the Fluidose® Series 6 requires less user input during operation. The new machine powers on with defaults configured and ready for operation. The pumping parameters such as volume and rate are now stored with each individual product within the Pak-EDGE™ UD Barcode Labeling Software and is automatically transmitted to the packaging system.

Additional enhancements include improved durability with a stronger seal head and expanded safeguards with more warnings if improperly configured. The larger 7” touchscreen is easy to operate and navigate, while also improving safety by displaying the name of the product being packaged.

Fluidose® Series 6 Oral Liquid Unit Dose Packager

With a focus on providing hospital pharmacy professionals with medication management that increases pharmacy efficiency and enhances patient safety, MPI has delivered yet another high-quality unit dose medication packaging system.   

Learn more about the new liquid packaging and labeling system, the Fluidose® Series 6, by visiting the product page on the Medical Packaging Inc., LLC website.