The Magic of Mobile Storage

Space is almost always at a premium in a pharmacy. If you find yourself lacking in storage space or floor space, mobile storage may be an option to give you all the storage you need in the smallest space possible.

What is mobile storage? Mobile storage is bulk storage shelves set into a track on the floor. Each unit can be moved via either a hand-crank or electric motors. Unlike standard storage units, mobile units don't need space between each shelf. The standard aisle between normal storage units is 3 feet. By switching to mobile units, where you only need a single aisle open, it is possible to greatly increase your storage capacity or get the same amount of storage in a smaller space.

In the above examples, the space for our storage area is 12 feet deep by 22 feet wide, totaling 264 sq ft.

The left image is an example of using the standard storage method with a 3-foot wide aisle between each storage unit. Each storage unit is 12 feet wide, 2 feet deep, with 5 shelves in each. This gives each unit 120 sq ft of storage capacity. In our space we could fit 5 of these storage units. That adds up to a total of 600 sq ft of storage space.

The center image is an example of what is possible in the same space using a mobile storage solution. It allows for 9 storage units, totaling up to 1080 sq ft of storage space, an 80% increase over the standard storage solution.

Alternatively, the right image achieves the same storage as the standard units while using 84 sq ft less floor space. That's more space that can be put towards other uses. 

If you are finding that your pharmacy is short on space, consider using mobile storage to increase your storage space or reclaim space for other uses. Contact Guardian Medical Systems for a consultation.