Modular Laminate Casework

Laminate casework provides a sturdy base on which to build your pharmacy. Its modular nature allows for easy reconfiguration in the future.

Guardian can assist with choosing finishes, address both wet and dry environment concerns and meet your budget requirements.

Laminate Casework features include: 

  • Affordable  
  • Many finishes available 
  • Flexible storage options 
  • Laminate and solid surface countertops available 

Steel Modular Casework

Steel casework provides long-lasting durability and non-capillary furniture for environments that are subjected to constant cleaning and abrasive materials.

Pharmacy/Lab Steel Casework features include:

  • Electrostatically applied, oven cured, epoxy-based paint finish as shown in SEFA specifications
  • Resistant to constant cleaning and abrasive materials
  • Many base cabinet styles to choose from
  • Mobile caster ability on base cabinets
  • Wide selection of over-counter shelving and cabinet options
  • All-welded, heavy-duty unibody construction

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