Mobile Storage

  • Space efficient and cost-effective method to provide high density storage   
  • Tailored systems to meet your volume, activity, ergonomic, security and safety requirements 
  • Flexible aisle widths are available to fit the specific needs of your space and ADA requirements. 

Static Storage

  • Options available to fit different sizing needs and requirements 
  • Offering a variety of material options 
  • Available in wire shelving, adjustable shelving, solid shelving and basket shelving 
  • Numerous accessories available 
  • Some fully customization options 

Cleanroom Storage

  • Cleanroom tables - both standard and customized 
  • Gowning benches and racks 
  • Cleanroom storage cabinets 
  • HEPA-Filtered Garment Storage Cabinets 



Medication Carts

  • Many cart choices and configurations available to suit your needs 
  • Sophisticated security options 
  • Can accommodate robotic pharmacy systems, various unit dose packaging, multi-dose styles, bulk medications and narcotics 
  • Transportation and distribution carts 


  • Movable shelves 
  • Gravity feed shelves 
  • Bulk storage 
  • Unit dose storage 
  • Refrigerator drawers and dividers 
  • Trays for cart organization 
  • Cart, drawer and shelf dividers 
  • Narc boxes and storage bins 
  • Modular tray systems 

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  • Pharmacy & Lab Casework
  • Cleanrooms
  • Storage Solutions & Medication Carts
  • Medication Packaging
  • Hoods & Bio-Safety
  • Pass-Through Boxes
  • Refrigeration
  • Seating Solutions